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- 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. He is privileged, but likable — his father owns the shoe factory. He is loveable but there is a temper right under the skin. Must have a great rock voice, the ability to move, and be a strong actor.
- 30s-40s. Black/African-American. A fiery diva presence with underlying soul and heart, she is ostentatious, over the top, and more real than most. Lola is both fabulous and vulnerable. Must have a killer voice with powerful blues and gospel chops. Strong comedic actor.
- Stage age 8-13. This is our lead as a young boy. Lost, quiet, reflective. He performs in the opening and closing sequences.
- Stage age 8-13. This is LOLA as a young boy who already knows he's destined to wear high heels.
- 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. Charlie’s girlfriend since school. She is sophisticated, a social climber, driven, and uncompromising. She knows what she wants and goes for it. Must have a great pop voice.
- Any ethnicity. A charming, quirky working-class girl who works in the shoe factory. Funny and smart but has had bad luck with men. Terrific comedic actress.
- 30s-40s. Any ethnicity. Lola’s nemesis. Hyper-masculine bear of a factory worker. Has a menacing physicality. Least likely to be seen on a runway in kinky boots. Strong actor required.
- Any ethnicity. These are the drag performers from The Blue Angel Nightclub who perform with Lola. Actors with star quality and diverse personalities and looks. Must be versatile and terrific singers and dancers (required to dance in heels). This ain't a job for no wall-flowers.
- 30s. Any ethnicity. Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when allowed.
- 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. Factory worker who has been there longer than any of the other women. A lot of life experience and a lot of responsibility–this shows in her face. Must have comedy chops.
- 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. Factory Manager, keeping up traditions. Reserved and tightly wound.
- 40s-50s. Any ethnicity. Charlie’s father and owner of the shoe factory. Will also appear in the ensemble.
- 20s-30s. Any ethnicity. A contemporary of Charlie’s, but his opposite. Harry is successful, self-aware, confident, and carefree. Will also appear in the ensemble.
- 20’s–50’s. Any ethnicity and gender-identity. The ensemble must be excellent pop/rock singers. They will portray roles such as Simon Sr., Richard Bailey, factory workers, pub patrons, etc. and be able to move well.
Please mark any conflicts you have with these rehearsal dates.
Rehearsal dates are not determined yet. Weeknights, and one weekend day. Please check your calendar and check any dates when you cannot attend a rehearsal, so we can schedule rehearsals for specific scenes to minimize conflicts. No conflicts after August 6 please.
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All tech rehearsals and performances are required for all cast members.
Performances: Aug 18, 19, 24, 25, 26 evenings and matinees on Aug 20, 26, and 27. Note two show day on Aug 26.
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