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Highland Park Players

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***DUE FRI, JANUARY 12***REQUIRED FOR CONSIDERATION!*** Prepare video of 32 bars (60-90 sec) in the show's style, showcasing vocal range. Show songs allowed. Choir-only: at least 15 bars (30 sec). PROVIDE URL TO AUDITION VIDEO HERE.
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Please list any special skills or information you'd like to make us aware of, including choir experience, that might be useful in this production. You are also welcome to include links to other videos that showcase your talent:
- The gender identities listed below are that of the character presented on stage. Actors of all ages, ethnicities, body types, gender expressions, and those with disabilities are encouraged to audition. This unique staged concert presentation will focus on the beauty of the music and the story.
- All ages (12+). All ethnicities. Seeking a large diverse group of individuals. Seeking strong singers to accompany our 28-piece orchestra on the most beautiful stage in the North Shore!  Choir members will be able to hold the score during the performance (you do not need to be memorized) and will be seen on stage.  The choir will be heavily featured throughout the production.  Please note the Choir is different than Adult & Youth Featured Ensemble. 
- Ages 18+. All ethnicities. Diverse group of individuals including people of New Rochelle and Harlem, and Immigrants to America. Adult Ensemble members will play a variety of roles including Henry Ford, JP Morgan, Admiral Peary, Matthew Henson, Judge, and more. In addition to learning all group numbers (that choir sings), these individuals will also attend staging rehearsals.
- Ages 10-17. All genders & ethnicities. Diverse group of individuals including people of New Rochelle and Harlem, and Immigrants to America. In addition to learning all group numbers (that choir sings), these individuals will also attend staging rehearsals.
- A proud and talented pianist, confident and stubborn. A sophisticated Black man with a romantic demeanor and a gentle heart. Vocal Range: G2-A4. *Stipend provided.
- Naive yet headstrong Black woman who will fight to make her and her family’s life better; fueled by an innocent spirit. Vocal Range: G#3-F#5. *Stipend provided.
- The consummate wife and mother. A kind woman who is intelligent, compassionate, optimistic, and open minded. Vocal Range: G3-F#5. *Stipend provided
- Mother's professionally successful husband. Fancies himself an amateur explorer, he is commanding and attractive. Enjoys being the family breadwinner, a traditionalist. Vocal Range: A2-F4. *Stipend provided.
- A Jewish, Latvian immigrant. He wears the trials and tribulations of his past on his sleeve, but remains optimistic that he will be successful. Full of genuine drive and heart. Vocal Range: Bb2-F#4. *Stipend provided.
- Mother’s younger brother. A passionate anarchist, he is intense, obsessive, and high strung. Vocal Range: B2-F#4. *Stipend provided.
- Russian born radical social activist and anarchist. A leader and a fearless advocate for the oppressed. Vocal Range: B3-D5. *Stipend provided.
- Mother’s conservative father who is a retired professor. Gruff, outspoken, and irritated by nearly everything that surrounds him. May also play other roles.
- Beautiful vaudevillian performer, the Marylin Monroe of her time. Famous for the murder of her high-profile lover by her rich husband. Dance experience preferred. May also play other roles. Vocal Range: B3-D5. *Stipend provided.
- The famous magician and Hungarian immigrant who embodies the ‘American dream’. May also play other roles. Vocal Range: E3-G4. *Stipend provided.
- A brilliant Black social activist. He is an eloquent and articulate gentleman with no patience for Black Americans leading less than exemplary lives. May also play other roles. Vocal Range: D3-Eb4
- A racist Irish-American; fire chief of the New Rochelle Fire Department. May also play other roles. Vocal Range: D4-F5
- Passionate, soulful, sings the gospel number for Sarah's funeral. Powerhouse vocalist. May also play other roles. Vocal Range: D3-D5
- Presents as age 10-12. Mother and Father's son. He is open-hearted and curious with inexplicable clairvoyance. Never passes judgement on others. Vocal Range: E4-D5
- Presents as age 10-12. Tateh's daughter. Her arrival in America is marked by sickness and hunger. She is scared of her new surroundings and loyal to her father, her only living relative. Vocal Range: C4-Bb4
Please mark any conflicts you have with these rehearsal dates.
JANUARY dates are possible CALLBACK DAYS (by invitation only). Only people interested in PRINCIPAL ROLES or FEATURED ENSEMBLES need to list availability for those dates. Any weekday callback will be in the evening.
We expect to only have rehearsals in MARCH but are asking for your February availability in the unlikely scenario it is determined more rehearsals are needed. Rehearsals will be 3-4 days per week. Weekday rehearsals will be in the evening only. Saturday rehearsal times will be either in morning or afternoon (TBD). Most rehearsals to occur at West Ridge Center in Highland Park, and other locations TBD. Tech week rehearsals to occur at the McGrath Family Performing Arts Center in Wilmette.
Su M T W Th F Sa
18 23
3 8
10 15
17 22
24 29
No absences allowed (shown in bold):
All tech rehearsals and performances are required for all cast members.
Saturday, April 6: 2:00pm
Saturday, April 6: 7:30pm
Sunday, April 7: 2:00pm
Call Times TBD.
Performances at the McGrath Family Performing Arts Center in Wilmette.
Conflict notes

Are you affiliated with a choir OR group of at least 6 talented singers that may be interested in joining the Ragtime In Concert choir? Please provide reference information!