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Highland Park Players

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We only need a video for the roles of Zack, Lawrence, Freddy or Katie. (See *audition notice*). Don’t have your video ready yet? Email it separately to us later at before June 7th.
Please list your most recent acting experiences. Skip this if you are uploading a résumé or have a link to a talent profile entered above.
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- Mid 20s-30’s. An original. High rock tenor; great comedic/improv skills a plus, basic guitar skills a plus!
- Mid 20s-30s. A rock groupie imprisoned in the body and life of a stern and correct headmistress. Soprano with operatic skills and a strong belt.
- Mid 20s-30s. Patty is a hard woman who knows what she wants, and she doesn’t want Dewey. Not in her life. Not in Ned’s life. Her dislike of Dewey is the strongest thing about her. Strong belt voice.
- Mid 20s-30’s. Ned was once as keen on rock as Dewey, but failure has beaten him down. He clings to his girlfriend, Patty, as the one sure thing in a sea of regrets. Rock voice.
- - PLAYS GUITAR. Tween. Zack is angry that his dad doesn’t listen to him and has a passion for music ready to burst out from inside of him. He knows he has more in him than he has ever been able to show. Pop/Rock Singer who moves well. Needs to seriously ‘shred’ on guitar, with exceptional solo skills. * Requires video audition for guitar*
- - PLAYS PIANO. Tween. A shy, under confident boy, but a genius on the keyboard, who needs a free spirit like Dewey to lead him into the light. Pop/Rock Singer who moves well. Great piano skills needed. * Requires video audition for piano*
- - PLAYS DRUMS. Tween. Freddy has lots of energy ready to be let out. He’s not as posh as some of his classmates and their Dad always reminds them how lucky they are to go to such a good school. KILLER DRUMMER. Pop/Rock Singer. * Requires video audition for drums*
- - PLAYS BASS GUITAR. Tween. Cool, collected , Katie distinguished by talent for the bass. Pop/Rock Singer who moves well. * Requires video audition for bass*
- Large range of ENSEMBLE characters to play teachers, parents, band members of “No Vacancy,” etc. Strong vocal and acting abilities required.
- Tween. New to the school, Tomika struggles to make friends despite their two Dads pushing them forward. Tomika barely speaks until finally summons the courage to open their mouth and sing out, so we have to be blown away by their sound. This role is typically played by a black/African American performer. Pop/Rock/Gospel singer who moves well. KILLER VOICE.
- Tween. Summer is top of the class and things always go their way – they can’t imagine it will ever be any other way. Helps organize the band and keeps Dewey on his toes. Pop/Rock Singer who moves well.
- Tween. Clever and sassy. Along with Shonelle, back up singers with style. Pop/Rock singers who move well.
- Tween. Clever and sassy. Along with Marcy, back up singers with style. Pop/Rock singers who move well. This role is typically played by a BIPOC performer.
- Tween. An artistic boy with a flair for fashion but who wrestles with other challenges at home. Pop/Rock Singer who moves well.
- Tween. As eager as the others to enjoy school instead of dreading it. He is a whizz on the technical side. Pop/Rock Singer who moves well.
- Tweens. Pop/Rock Singers who move well.
- Tweens. Pop/Rock Singers who move well.
- Tweens. Pop/Rock Singers who move well.
Please mark any conflicts you have with these rehearsal dates.
Typically rehearsals are mid-day Saturday and weeknights 6:30-9 or 9:30.
Based on cast availability, we will determine the actual rehearsal schedule.
Please check your calendar and check any dates when you cannot attend a rehearsal, so we can schedule rehearsals for specific scenes to minimize conflicts.
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We move into the theater October 27, and all rehearsals in November will be at the Northbrook Theater. All tech rehearsals and performances are required for all cast members.
Performances are at the Northbrook Theatre (3323 Walters Ave, Northbrook, IL 60062) on November 11, 12, 13, 17, 18, 19, and 20, 2022
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