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The Secret of Chimney Manor

The Secret of Chimney Manor by Todd Olson

From the novel The Secret of Chimneys by Agatha Christie

Directed by L. Robert Westeen


In this world premiere, Anthony Cade is hired to deliver a manuscript to a London publisher and – after being mistaken for a British agent – quickly becomes embroiled in a web of international intrigue involving blackmail, stolen letters, and a missing prince. This fresh and funny adaptation is full of twists and turns and will leave you guessing until the end.


Runs weekends November 17-December 17 with a Monday Pay-What-You-Can on December 4.


Rehearsals begin on October 2, Monday through Friday beginning at 6PM and ending at 10PM. Whenever possible Actors will be scheduled on an as needed basis.  

Two Saturday rehearsals outside of tech week are possible and will be agreed upon the cast if the need arises.  All actors must be available Mon Nov. 6 – Thur. Nov.16.


September 19 & 20, 7-9pm. With callbacks as needed on September 21. 


All auditions will be readings from the script.

Note: Due to doubling of roles and the concept of the production you may be asked to audition for a gender that is not your own, unless you request otherwise.


An intimacy coordinator and a fight choreographer will be a part of the production team. This will be an actor run production. Meaning scene changes will be completed by actors as a part of the production. Accommodations will be made as needed.


Dialect skills (British RP or other such regional dialects) are a plus, but not a must.

Please note that, currently, all roles at Theatre in the Round are volunteer; however, all actors will be provided a new professional headshot, with rights to use digitally or print. We understand and respect that not everyone is able to committ to a show for no payment.


Except as noted, roles are open to actors of all identities – racial, ethnic, sexual, gender – and no roles assume the presence or absence of disability.

All roles listed will be doubled or tripled with the exception of Anthony Cade.

ANTHONY CADE, plays early to late 30’s, adventurer

MRS. CALDICOTT, plays 20’s and up, a cranky tourist

MISS TAYLOR, plays 20’s and up , a cranky tourist

MS. HYDE-BAKER, 20’s and up , a cranky tourist

JAMES MCGRATH, plays 40 and up, adventurer

BARON LOLOPRETJZYL, plays 30 and up, mob tough 

BALDERSON, plays 20 and up, publisher

LADY CATERHAM, plays 50 and up, dizzy elder royal

VIRGINIA REVEL, plays 20-40, brilliant widow

MISS GENEVIEVE BRUN, plays 20 and up, French governess

LADY EILEEN “BUNDLE” BRENT, plays 20-40 brilliant daughter

GEORGE LOMAX,  plays 30 and up, strict government type

SUPERINTENDENT BATTLE, plays 40 and up, Scotland Yard investigator

HIRAM P. FISH,  plays 30 and up, American businessman

HERMAN ISAACSTEIN, plays 30 and up, financier

NATASHA ANCHOUKOFF, plays 20s and up, loyal valet

MONSIEUR LEMOINE, plays 30 and up, French detective

PROFESSOR WYNWOOD, plays 40 and up, a decoder

“The Real” LEMOINE, plays 30-50, French detective