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The Fleetwood Project Inc.
Audition Notice
Mama Knows Best

AUDITIONS for the World Premier of

Mama Knows Best!

Open Auditions: October 1st at 2pm at the Farr-Best Theater.

Written by local playwrights, this holiday rom-com is a great opportunity to celebrate the season and have some fun on stage. The play takes place in a small northern US town called Darkness where Christmas magic is more than just a holiday tradition—it’s a way of life.

The two mamas in the show are sure that their now adult children—Jack and Jill, are destined to be together forever. The residents of Darkness agree. The only problem is that Jack and Jill have been friends since elementary school, and they see no reason to change their relationship status.

Our two mamas scheme to get Jack and Jill together romantically. They enlist the residents of Darkness to help them make Jack and Jill realize what’s been right in front of them for years. Will a liberal dose of mama interference and a sprinkling of Christmas magic be enough to get the happy couple together?

This cast of 8 and an ensemble of town’s people have to overcome a love-triangle, an unexpected proposal, and an escaped reindeer while exchanging witty dialogue in this fast-paced, humorous, and family-friendly play.

Come and play with us at The Fleetwood Project.

**All roles are available. All roles are volunteer, non-equity. **