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- A 19 th century English aristocrat. Vivacious and self-absorbed, her penchant for matchmaking leads to unwanted results and comic mishaps. With a lack of skill, she tries to arrange marriages for those around her, while remaining clueless as to her own heart. British accent. Alto range. 20-29
- An awkward and shy girl, she is Emma’s make-over project as she tries to find the perfect husband for her new friend. She has a pure and innocent heart and takes Emma’s every word as Gospel. She is of a considerably lower class than Emma and her dialect and speech must reflect that inequality. Soprano range. 20-29
- A local land owner and old friend of Emma Woodhouse and her family. A 19th Century English aristocrat with a strong moral center and a tendency to scold and lecture Emma on her lack of compassion for others. Baritone range. 30-35
- Emma’s nemesis. Quiet and reserved, she is everything Emma is not. Good-hearted and misunderstood by Emma, she remains slightly mysterious and hard to read. High soprano range. 18-29
- A snooty 19th Century English aristocrat who is oblivious to her own over the top manner. She annoys everyone around her and always manages to say the wrong thing. She needs to be the comic spark in the second act and therefore be extremely funny with a hilarious pompous upper class English dialect. Mezzo range. 28-40
- A simple farmer in 19th century England. Sweet and awkward he is almost unable to put two sentences together, but Harriet is smitten with him anyway by his gentle nature and puppy dog love for her. Tenor range. 18-29
- An early 19th Century English gentleman and long time family friend. A kind and sensible man, he is the only successful product of Emma’s match-making skills. Even tempered and distinguished with a slightly dead pan sense of humor. Any vocal range. 40-60
- An early 19th Century English governess. Elegant and graceful, she is Emma’s former governess and the maternal influence in her life. Her only shortcoming is a tendency towards idle gossip. Now more friend than governess to Emma, she will always be Emma’s mentor. Outstanding English dialect needed with good comic timing. Mezzo range. 30-60
- A 19th century English aristocrat. Smooth and elegant with a pervasive and winning personality. He ultimately has the nuances of a scoundrel, but in the end we understand that his motivations were not as ominous as they first appeared. Tenor range. 25-35
- There are MANY other male and female roles, as well as ensemble roles. We will consider everyone for all age appropriate roles, but if you are particularly interested in one of the above, you can choose any of those as well.
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All tech rehearsals and performances are required for all cast members. The two Saturdays are scheduled for choreography. Please plan on 930-3 those days.
July 20-24 & July 26-31. July 26 is Sponsor Night.
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