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May 9, 2017 10:51 AM


David Durkee
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TheaterForms Announces Partnership with Minnesota Playlist

We have an exciting announcement from TheaterForms and Minnesota Playlist.

Minnesota Playlist is the premier online resource for the performing arts in Minnesota. Theaters in the region find it an indispensable resource for its classified ads, including audition notices, and calendar show listings. Performers promote themselves with their talent profiles, and their magazine’s show reviews and industry specific articles help tie our theater community together. So we were very excited when Damon Runnels, the new owner of Minnesota Playlist, contacted us with the idea of a partnership between Minnesota Playlist and TheaterForms. He saw a potential synergy between Playlist’s audition advertising service and TheaterForms’ audition form service, and we quickly agreed.

After our initial meeting in early March, we’ve been working to refine the original idea, and we have found a way to streamline the process of placing an audition ad and publishing an audition form online. These are two steps that would be taken at about the same time as you prepare for your production. So Playlist has added information about TheaterForms that they present to customers when they are placing an audition ad, and a special link to the TheaterForms site. The way it works best is, after writing your ad and saving it, but before publishing it, follow the link from Playlist to TheaterForms. TheaterForms has streamlined the workflow of creating the audition form for customers coming from Minnesota Playlist. Whether you have never visited us before or you already have an account, TheaterForms will take you straight to the part of the process where you need to be. Some fields in TheaterForms will even be pre-filled with information you have already entered on Playlist.

When you’re done with your audition form and publish it, TheaterForms will send the link to the form back to Playlist, and they will insert it into your ad. Then you’re ready to go back to Playlist to publish the ad. We’ll even provide you with a paragraph of text, customized for your form settings, that summarizes for your auditioners what they can expect from the audition form. If you want, you can just paste that in to the end of your ad before you publish it.

Damon has created a video about the partnership here:

Intro to TheaterForms Partnership

And an article in the Minnesota Playlist magazine here:

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