TheaterForms Privacy Policy

TheaterForms will never sell or give your personal data to third parties you have not authorized. By filling out an audition form on TheaterForms, you authorize the release of that data to members of the management of the theater and the production staff of the production named on the audition form. Data shared is authorized only for the appropriate and customary purposes of conducting an audition and casting and managing a production. If you check boxes on an audition form to subscribe to mailing lists operated by the theater, you authorize the data to be used for that purpose as well. The Terms of Services impose restrictions on how mailing list data may be used and must be managed and protected.

Audition form data collected for a production will only be stored online on the TheaterForms site for a period of thirty days from the day the audition from is finally closed. Auditions must be closed within thirty days of the first audition date.

Personal information entered in a member profile is stored until the member edits it, deletes it, or deletes the membership.

By registering a membership on TheaterForms, you authorize TheaterForms to contact you by email periodically. TheaterForms will not send mass emails to users who have filled out audition forms but not registered for membership, except for emails related to the audition.

Auditioners under 13

To comply with COPPA rules governed by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, TheaterForms Terms of Service prohibit children under 13 from signing up for membership to TheaterForms or submitting an audition form. A parent or guardian must fill out audition forms for children under 13, giving the parent control over the content and retention of that data.

To retain control over the personal data of children under 13, parents are advised to sign themselves up as members and log in before filling out an audition form for their child. This will create a link between their membership and their child's audition form, allowing parents to see, edit, or delete their child's data.