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- Age late 30's or above - Sandy is the four times married, three times divorced owner of a wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Still a romantic, but jaded by the whole marriage business. Needs a sharp, sarcastic wit and good comedic timing.
- The angry bride, age range mid 20's to 40's. Dumped by her husband for Stan's wife, she wants revenge, but also wants Stan who she has fallen in love with.
- The angry groom, age range mid 20's to 40's. Dumped by his wife for Bev's husband, Stan wants to marry Bev for revenge, but is still incredibly in love with his ex-wife.
- The Elvis minister who works in the chapel next door to Sandy's. Able to slip into a good Elvis impersonation with ease. He also has a sensitive, non-cynical side. Age range 30's and above.
- A fading actress who is seeking to rekindle her glory days with a marriage to her former co-star for the publicity. Age range mid 40's to mid 60's
- A fading actor also seeking to regain the limelight by marrying his former co-star. Age range mid 40's to mid 60's
- A retired minister and Elvis impersonator. Age range 60's and above
- A tough ex-con. Fiona never got a break in life - bad home life, bad friends, bad boyfriends and is now recently paroled and marrying her true love, a postman she met as a pen pal while she was incarcerated. Age range 20's or above
- A gentle, nerdy postal worker from Nebraska, who has an extensive knowledge of postal rules and regulations. Although his family and friends disapprove of his choice of wife, Marvin is deeply in love with Fiona. Age range 20's or above
- Fiona's ex-boyfriend who breaks out of prison to be at her wedding. He's the man who is responsible for her arrest and imprisonment. Large, scary and rough around the edges. Age range 20's or above
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July 6 - 22, Fridays and Saturdays at 8PM, Sundays at 2PM
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