TheaterForms Terms of Service

For the purposes of this document and other documents on TheaterForms, the word “theater” refers to a theater company: an organization that mounts productions of plays or musicals using live actors in front of a live audience. It does not refer to a theater building. “TheaterForms” refers to the website at and the services offered through that website. “AuditionForm" refers to the service offered by TheaterForms to customize and host online audition forms, while "audition form" refers to a form created through that service. A “member” refers to an individual who has registered and created login information with TheaterForms. A “user” includes any individual who visits or uses the TheaterForms website, whether registered as a member or not.

TheaterForms services are offered to individuals and theaters located within the United States of America, including its territories, and governed by U.S. law.

An individual must be at least 13 years of age to register as a member of TheaterForms or to fill out an online audition form. For productions that allow actors under 13 to audition, a parent or guardian must fill out the form for anyone under 13, and parent contact information is required. Some productions may require parental information for auditioners in other age ranges up to 18.

Members who have an appropriate management role with a theater may register that theater with TheaterForms. Appropriate management roles include, for example, producer, board or advisory committee member, webmaster, communications director, artistic director. Being a member of the production staff of a production is not sufficient to make you an appropriate person to register a theater. Members registering theaters for fraudulent purposes will be subject to legal consequences. Registering a theater is a necessary step to being able to access the AuditionForm service. Each theater should be registered by one member only, although that member can grant editing rights to that theater to other members who are also in appropriate management roles with that theater.

Members who have registered or been granted editing rights to a theater may create audition forms for that theater using the AuditionForm product. An AuditionForm audition form is to be used for a specific production of that theater. Members with editing rights to the theater also have editing rights to its AuditionForms. The creator of an AuditionForm may grant editing rights to other members. Members granted editing rights to AuditionForms can either be in the same roles with the theater as members who can be made editors of that theater, or they can be members of the production staff of the production for which the AuditionForm is created. Authorized editors have the ability to edit the form configuration, customizations, and communications, to make payment for the publication of the form, and to access information about auditioners who have filled out the form. There are no controls to specify which of these rights are granted to which editors, but the rights can be taken away after the editor has performed a specific task for which the rights were granted, like editing the form or paying for publication, if the editor has no production need to access auditioners' personal information.

Members agree to protect the personal information of other users of the site that they are given access to. For example, the creator and authorized editors of an AuditionForm have access to personal information that auditioners enter in that form. That information may only be used for the customary purposes of conducting an audition and casting and managing a production, and the data may not be shared with anyone who does not have a production-based need for it.

Members who are authorized editors of an AuditionForm may save auditioner information to add to mailing lists for the theater, only for those auditioners who have explicitly given permission to be subscribed to mailing lists through the audition form. Mailing list data gathered though TheaterForms may not be shared with or sold to other organizations. Mailing lists used by theaters must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act and other laws governing mailing lists, including but not limited to the ability of mailing list members to remove themselves from mailing lists.