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TheaterForms provides web-based services for creators of live theater. We plan to offer a line of products to make your life as a theater producer or artist easier, more efficient, and more productive.

Introducing AuditionForm

AuditionForm is an online audition form that is customizeable to meet the needs of your productions.

Publish an online AuditionForm for your theater’s next production for only $15.

Try out a sample of the service

We've created a sample audition form with sample auditioner data, so you can see exactly what you'd be able to do with an online audition form and the auditioner data you gather with it. Click here to visit the sample AuditionForm dashboard and explore from there. Or read on and check out the links below to see some highlights.

AuditionForm offers these benefits

Flexible enough to meet your needs

Online audition forms have several options to meet the needs of different kinds of theater groups and productions. It allows you to add custom form items for requirements that may be unique to your theater or production. You can choose to include or not include many of the form’s standard questions, and several questions are customizeable too. This includes special provisions for productions that need teen and child actors.

You can include the scheduling of audition appointments right in your audition form. This is easier for you to set up and your auditioners to use than Signup Genius or email appointments.

Take a look at a sample AuditionForm.

Helps you before the audition

You'll know who will be auditioning ahead of time, and react to unfilled needs sooner. You'll improve audition turnout with an automatic reminder email sent to actors who have signed up.

Helps you at the audition

If you use our scheduling feature, all of your auditioners’ information is available from right inside the appointment schedule. Check it out! (Demo pages show sample data only, not real auditioners.) Each auditioner name on the signups page links to a page with all the data for that auditioner. If you have internet access at the audition, you can save a lot of paper by using these pages and the links on them to auditioner's photo and résumé.

You and your staff can take notes on your auditioners online. If you have multiple staff members involved in the selection process, their notes are shared with each other.

If you don't have internet access at auditions, you can print uncluttered auditioner datasheets ahead of time to use at auditions. Get a quick overview of the auditioner and take notes.

The conflicts calendar shown in the datasheet is readable at a glance, unlike the handwritten list of dates you’re probably used to.

You'll save the auditioners’ time too. If they sign up as TheaterForms members, AuditionForm can fill out all the common information in the form for them automatically. And they're filling out the form on their own time, not at the audition when they'd rather be concentrating on their performance. Your audition volunteers will have an easier time of it too, checking people in on the signin sheet you can print ahead of time.

To handle auditioners who didn’t fill out the form in advance, AuditionForm generates a printable version of your custom form too. View a sample of the printable form.

Helps you after the audition

Assign roles on the auditioner pages and you can use your signups page to review your cast as you put it together. When the cast list is finalized, you can even send email messages to all of those cast, or all not cast. Generates a cast list you can send on to the designer creating your play bill.

Saves you from having to hand-copy everyone’s audition form data, not to mention trying to read their handwriting. Eliminates spelling errors in your programs, or cast members missing crucial emails, caused by copying errors. Keeps you from losing valuable information because it’s too much work to organize it.

Download a spreadsheet to build your cast lists and contact lists. Conflicts are shown in a handy grid you can consult when setting up rehearsal schedules.

Sign up auditioners to your mailing lists easily and with their permission.

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