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Introducing TheaterForms Production Management

TheaterForms Production Management service helps you organize your production from your first production meeting to the the day you strike the set. It unifies production scheduling, cast and staff communications, shared files, notes, bios, headshots, and contact information all in one neatly integrated space. If you use our AuditionForm service, it imports data you've gathered about your cast members to get you up and running fast!

AuditionForm customers: organize your first production at no charge! Subsequent Production Management pages can be activated for a low price starting at $15!

Make production management a pleasure instead of a pain!

This service is a centralized Production Management page that the cast and staff of a production can use for scheduling, shared notes, shared files, and communications.

Integrates with AuditionForms

If you use our AuditionForm service, and you enter cast information through the signups page after your audition, the auditioners who have been cast can be automatically imported into the Production Management page for the production. Then you can add your production staff members.

Scheduling designed for theater production

A core feature of Production Management is the production calendar, in which you can enter events (such as rehearsals, production meetings, performances, etc) similarly to any other calendar program, except that the event creation/editing page has a list of all your production members and their cast or staff roles that you can use to invite the people needed to each event, and it imports their conflict information from the audition form and makes it easy to see when scheduling rehearsals. (Production Members can also edit their conflicts before you begin scheduling, as staff members won’t have filled out audition forms and actors may have changes since they filled out theirs.) Production members can subscribe to their events on the schedule to have them accessible from their phone or computer, or they can just use the calendar page on the Production Management page.

Getting to know you

Each production member has a profile in the system where they can upload their headshots and write their bios. You can give style guidance on the bios so everyone formats them consistently. And you can download them all as a Word file to make creating the bios section of your program easier. Bios and headshots are visible to all production members to help them get to know each other more quickly.

Director notes, rehearsal reports, meeting minutes, and other notes

Production members can add notes to the production in general or attached to events on the schedule, which is useful for stage managers’ rehearsal reports, directors’ notes, meeting minutes, etc. The notes are visible to all members. You can create templates for notes, which I think would be particularly useful for rehearsal reports.

Sharing files: promotions, designs, and more

Members can upload files to the production which would be visible to either staff, cast, or both. This feature accepts file types including standard graphics formats, PDF, and common word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation formats. This can be useful for sharing files to use to promote the production on social media, or production designs, for example.

Communications made easy

Members can communicate with each other without having to import and manage a mailing list using commands to send emails to all members, all cast, all staff, or everyone invited to a particular event. This works similarly to sending a mass email to auditioners in the audition form signups page. Plus a contacts list spreadsheet is automatically generated and can be downloaded for those who want to use standard email software.

What do you mean by “starting at $15?” What are you trying to hide?

We're not hiding much. The price for activation is $15 for up to 4 months (132 days) plus $3 for each additional month (31 days).

Interested? Sign up for a TheaterForms account and register your theater today!