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- Santa Claus has a lot on his plate during the Christmas season, and it is starting to show. He is annoyed with the Elves, tired of lying to Buddy and sad that people seem to be losing their Christmas spirit. He is still the same jolly old St. Nick underneath it all, but the job is getting to him. Gender: Male, Vocal range top: D5, Vocal range bottom: Bb3
- Buddy is the perfect elf! He's good-natured, he means well, and he's happy all the time. There's only one problem. He's not an elf he's an adult human. Looking for energetic earnestness and comedic timing. Gender: Male Vocal range top: G5, Vocal range bottom: B3, If you don't have red hair we hope the actor will dye his hair!
- The Elves are Santa's special helpers who love their job making toys to meet their Christmas Eve deadline. These roles are for younger performers ages 8-12 and include Charlie and Shawanda. Gender: Any
- Sam is one of Walter's Office Staff who is in a bind at the top of the show. Gender: Male
- Walter Hobbs, Buddy's real father, is so focused on keeping his job that he is not making time for his family. He can be stern and unemotional at times, but ultimately he learns to recommit to his family. Gender: Male Vocal range top: E5, Vocal range bottom: B3
- Deb, Walter's secretary, has the big responsibility of keeping her boss and the whole office happy. She does this by sharing her positive attitude with everyone. Gender: Female
- Emily Hobbs is Walter's devoted wife who would prefer her husband to spend a little more time at home. She is a problem solver and an excellent mother who is doing everything she can to provide a positive family dynamic. Gender: Female, Vocal range top: D5, Vocal range bottom: G3
- Michael Hobbs is the smarter-than-average 12-year-old son of Walter and Emily. He quickly befriends his new adult brother, Buddy, and does everything he can to make sure Buddy becomes a permanent part of the family. Vocal range top: D5, Vocal range bottom: G3
- The manager is a terrific featured acting role for a performer with good comedic timing. As the manager of Macy's, he s doing everything he can to make sure all the employees stay in line. Gender: Male
- Jovie works as a store elf at Macy's, but don't be mistaken she doesn't quite exude the Christmas spirit. She's kind of cynical, a bit tough around the edges, and now the target of Buddy's complete adoration. Gender: Female Vocal range top: Db5, Vocal range bottom: G3
- Fake Santa is a poor replacement for the real Santa. He's an employee of Macy's who is a bit rough around the edges. Gender: Male
- Policeman #1 and Policeman #2 are a friendly pair of cops who return Buddy to the Hobbs household. Gender: Any
- Mr. Greenway is one of the crankiest businessmen around. Gender: Male
- Chadwick and Matthews are staff members at Walter's office who are doing everything they can think of to save the day and make their boss happy. Gender: Any
- The Ensemble, including New Yorkers, Darlene, Emma, Finale Soloists, Saleswomen, Security Guards, Santa's Helper, Sarah, Sam, Comforting New Yorker, Macy's Employees, Macy's Employee #1, Members of the Rockefeller Crowd, Office Staff, Business Woman, Flyer Guys, Teenager, Jogger, Carolers, Passerby, Children and Parents are all important roles for creating the distinct worlds of the North Pole and New York City. Gender: Any
Please mark any conflicts you have with these rehearsal dates.
These are the dates of our rehearsal schedule. If you need to miss more than 5 rehearsals please check with Dennis@GreatTheatre.org before filling out audition form. Not every actor will be called to every rehearsal until we start full run throughs. Sunday Nov. 24th is on hold TBA.
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All tech rehearsals and performances are required for all cast members. Actors are asked to arrive 90 minutes prior to all performances.
We have eleven public performances and NO student matinees.
Friday, November 29th 7:30pm OPENING NIGHT
Saturday, November 30th 2:00pm
Saturday, November 30th 7:30pm*Dinner provided between shows for cast & crew
Sunday, December 1st 2:00pm
Tuesday, December 3rd 7:30pm
Wednesday, December 4th 7:30pm
Thursday, December 5th 7:30pm
Friday, December 6th 7:30pm
Saturday, December 7th 2:00pm*Dinner provided between shows for cast & crew.
Saturday, December 7th 7:30pm
Sunday, December 8th 2:00pm * Strike Follows
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