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Buffalo Community Theatre
Audition Notice

Buffalo Community Theatre Announces

Auditions for Ken Ludwig’s “Leading Ladies”

A Fabulous Farce by Ken Ludwig

Directed by Jack Neveaux

Auditions: August 15, 16 with callbacks on the 18th

Discovery Elementary Auditorium: 214 1st Avenue NE Buffalo, MN 55313.

Performances: October 28 – November 6, 2022


Buffalo Community Theatre is kicking off its ’22-’23 season with laughter and love and taking a look back at gender identity in its Fall production of Ken Ludwig’s comedic farce “Leading Ladies.”

The play tells a story of romance, triumph and finding ourselves through a plethora of big belly laughs and funny situations

“Leading Ladies” follows Meg, a young woman living in York, Pennsylvania, in 1958 as she cares for her dying, wealthy aunt Florence and dreams of life outside of her small town. She meets two down-and-out Shakespearean actors, Leo and Jack, who are masquerading as her cousins, Maxine and Stephanie, in the hopes of inheriting Florence’s fortune.

And the farce ensues, in and out of doors and fish flying across stage among other good stuff.

Ludwig’s writing is known for its fast pace, flamboyant characters and clever shenanigans of mistaken identity, and “Leading Ladies” has it all.

The show is set in 1952, which is a glorious time period — the costumes, the music, the cocktails — with all its style and situation comedy - think, "Some Like It Hot".

The cast will explore some of the play’s themes surrounding gender identity and social norms and how they’ve changed since the 1950s in this work written in the early 2000s.

The production is all-inclusive and casting the roles of Leo/Maxine and Jack/Stephanie is less about if a man can play a woman and more about who could play two distinct characters.

We live in a much more non-binary world, so those ideas of what is feminine and what is masculine has really drastically changed since the ‘50s. So it will be an intriguing exercise finding people who can inhabit two very different characters within the same body.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS (Approximate age range) Casting age is relative and flexible. The actor’s ability to portray a particular age range on stage and realistically relate to other characters is more important than chronological age.

Note that some roles may require affectionate physical contact and kissing. If you are at all uncomfortable with that aspect, please notify the director at or before auditions.

MEG SNIDER (30s/40s) A young woman who dreams of a bigger world beyond York PA, Meg is vivacious, warm, loyal, and has a great sense of humor. She loves Shakespeare and dreams about being an actor. During the play, Meg becomes a more self-confident woman.

LEO CLARK (30s/40s) As Leo, he’s a Shakespearean actor with a British accent (preferred) who masterminds the plot to steal Meg’s millions … until he falls in love with her. As "Maxine", they are a chic and flamboyant diva who commands the stage and all those around them. A comedic tour-de-force, they must be able to switch between genders and voices constantly.

JACK GABLE (30s/40s) As Jack, he’s a Shakespearean actor with a British accent (preferred), who is the faithful accomplice to Leo’s schemes. As "Stephanie", they are shy and demure at first, but eventually grows more comfortable with their feminine side. Requires great comedic timing, physical humor, and a willingness to do anything to win the love of Audrey. They must be able to switch between genders and voices constantly.

AUDREY (20s/30s) An attractive, innocent young woman who is kind and gullible, but she’s trying to improve herself and her vocabulary. Attractive, very sweet and good-natured, she is pursued both by Butch and Jack. Enjoys playing Sebastian in Twelfth Night. Should be able to roller skate.

DUNCAN WOOLEY (40s/50s) The local minister; he’s a good man at heart, but rather fussy, set in his ways, scatter-brained, and lives in his own world. He distains actors and is very suspicious of Leo and Jack. His telephone conversations with the police should demonstrate comedic timing and contrast his mild manner with occasional bursts of temper.

FLORENCE SNIDER (70s) Meg’s aunt, she’s the richest woman in York. Florence is extremely crusty, has terrible eyesight, and is a "tough old broad". Must switch quickly between sweetness and anger, life and apparent death.

DOC MYERS (50s/60s) The country doctor, he’s a cantankerous, yet likeable curmudgeon that takes no guff from anyone and often spars with Duncan and Florence. He’s also the Chief Moose in the local Moose Lodge. Doc is a loving father to Butch. Also plays a “rollicking” Sir Toby Belch in the Twelfth Night scenes.

BUTCH MYERS (20s/30s) A former high school football star, Butch isn’t the brightest bulb in town, but he is earnest and sincere, with a good heart. Loves Audrey. Argues with Doc, but they adore each other. Steals the Twelfth Night scenes as Sir Andrew.

BCT is committed to building a more diverse and inclusive theatre community. Actors from underrepresented backgrounds are encouraged to audition.

BCT conducts open auditions for all of our productions. Roles are not cast in advance, and, unless specified otherwise in the role's description, are open to all without regard to race or ethnicity. Casting decisions are made by the Director based primarily upon the talent presented at the auditions and somewhat upon past experience.

Auditions for Leading Ladies will be in person and consist of readings from the script (sides), and possible cold reads not previously announced. Most of the sides will be available in advance.  Sides can be viewed here: BCT "Leading Ladies" sides

All questions related to the audition process may be directed to the Director, Jack Neveaux: jcknvx@gmail.com

Requests for a video audition for Leading Ladies must be made no later than August 10, 2022. Contact the Director, Jack Neveaux: jcknvx@gmail.com .

*We strongly encourage people of all races, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, and backgrounds to participate in all BCT productions/activities.  We are striving to create an environment that is safe, accessible and welcoming for all.