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- White female. She is very sweet and eager yet ignorant to a lot of the issues she presents for Black women and the entire community. She is wearing four braids in her hair at the top of the show, and is dressed in urban clothing. Symone is best doubled with the classmate, Morgan (a very ignorant and sheltered White college student), Reporter #1 and as an extra in scenes where needed. These can both be in plain clothing.
- White female. She is a developer who goes into urban cities and does renovation. She is a very smart, witty and on her toes. Everything she says is straight to the point. Sandy should be doubled as Ms. Wells, and Reporter #2.
- White female. They are anti-Black, homophobic, Islamophobic, anything T-rump. Any gender, although they are anti-feminist. This character can be used as Madeline and Reporter #4
- White female. Dr. Getters secretary. She adores the work Dr. Getter does, and aspires to one day be like her.
- White female. She comes from a Catholic home, and developed a savior complex in her early life. She always sounds very cheerful yet naive. Doubles as an extra character: Worker at Salon in Symone’s scene as well as Dr. Getter the therapist, Reporter #5 and Alison the classmate who has no lines.
- Conner: Grew up very wealthy, aggressive and athletic. His parents breed him to believe he is superior to anyone else; Jacob: He is a classmate of One’s. Though he is quiet he appears to be an ally and will speak out if needed; Police Officer: Very kind and informative. He tries to be as helpful as possible. He is conscious of Black struggle and recognizes his privilege the most; Reporter 3; Willie Lynch: A Southern historical figure who most believe to be made up. Legend has it, he taught plantation owners ways to keep control of his slaves through such as family and communal separation.
- Black girl. Locs/Protective hairstyle.
- Black girl. Seemingly younger.
- Light skinned/Bi-racial girl.
- Black male. A 16 year old boy who plays basketball. He is referred to Dr. Getter by a friend because he begins to show signs of anxiety around White people.
- He is between the age ranges of 16-27. He is extremely “woke” and has a lot to say about the injustices he faces.
Please mark any conflicts you have with these rehearsal dates.
Rehearsals during the weekdays will be from 6:30 to 9:30 pm. The Saturday rehearsals (4/11, 4/18, and 4/18) are all TBD, and if needed will be held from 10 am-1 pm. There will be 5-6 tech rehearsals held from 4/24-4/30, and will be announced prior to auditions. Please check your calendar and check any dates when you cannot attend a rehearsal, so that we can schedule rehearsals for specific scenes to minimize conflicts.
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All tech rehersals and performances are required for all cast members. Meet and greet, first read-through and table work on March 24th and 25th: attendance STRONGLY encouraged.
May 1: 7 pm: Edina Community Lutheran Church
May 2: TBD
May 3: 4 pm: Gethsemane Lutheran Church, Hopkins
May 7: 7 pm: Community of the Cross Lutheran Church, Bloomington
May 8: TBD
May 9: 7 pm: St. David's Episcopal Church, Minnetonka
May 14: 7 pm: Immanuel Lutheran Church, Eden Prairie
May 15: 6:30 pm: Chaska Community Center
May 16: 7 pm: Transfiguration Lutheran Church, Bloomington
May 17, 3 pm: Faith Lutheran Church, Forest Lake
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