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Making an Audition Video with your phone and Youtube

There are many ways to make a video available on the internet so you can put a link to it in your audition form. Here we’re going to tell you how to do it using Youtube.

What you need

To do this, you will need a smartphone, a YouTube account, and a YouTube app on your phone, logged into your YouTube account. YouTube is owned by Google, so if you have a Google account you can log into YouTube with that.


Record your video on your phone

An audition video doesn’t need to be fancy. Just record a video using your phone’s Camera app. There’s no need to edit, add titles or effects. Just perform your audition piece. You can use the front-facing selfie camera and hold it in your hand, or you can prop it up on a table or use a tripod or have someone else record it. If you want to take multiple takes and pick the best one, the easiest thing to do is to record each take as a separate video so you won’t have to edit the other takes out.

Upload the video to your YouTube account

Open the YouTube app on your phone and tap the + button in the toolbar on the bottom. You may have to exit out of whatever video you were last watching in order to see the toolbar.

The + button opens a Create panel. Tap “Upload a video” in that panel.

You may have to give your YouTube access permission to access your camera roll/photos, your camera, and your microphone.

Choose your video from the grid of videos shown. If you just recorded it, it should be easy to find, right at the top.

You will see a preview of the video. If you want to trim the beginning or end of the video at this point, it’s pretty easy to do so using the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Tap Next. In this screen you can give your video a title (if you want) and set its visibility. We suggest setting its visibility to Unlisted. This will mean that the video will only be available to people who have the link to it, not the general public. If you’re not sure where to tap to set this, it may currently say Public, Unlisted, Private, or Scheduled. Just tap that and then choose Unlisted. You can ignore the other setting on this page, like description and location.

Tap Next. Choose the appropriate option for whether the video is “made for kids.” YouTube makes you do this even though you won’t be sharing it publicly.

Tap Upload.

Copy the Link to your video

Since you’ll be pasting this link into your audition form, and it’s easier to fill out the audition form on a computer than a phone, go to your computer, go to https://www.youtube.com in your web browser, and log into your YouTube account if you are not logged in already. Make sure it is the same YouTube account.

In the navigation panel on the left, find and click on “Your videos.”

Find the video you just uploaded. It should be at the top of the list. If you gave it a title, it will show that next to the thumbnail, otherwise it will show the date. There may be a short time delay before the video appears here while it finishes uploading.

When you move your mouse over the video in the list, the box showing the title or date will change to show five icons:

Click on the one that looks like a stack of three dots, which is the Options menu. Click on the “Get sharable link” option. A link to this video will be copied to the clipboard.

Paste into your audition form

Go to the audition form in your web browser and find the field under “Link to Audition Video.” Click in it, and Paste.

Fill out and submit the rest of the audition form.